Month: December 2017

Call For Authors!

In Development: An OER Biological Anthropology Textbook Open Educational Resources (OER) have become more common as textbook costs have increased and technology has improved. It is our goal with this project to produce a high-quality textbook written and peer-reviewed by experts in the field. This book would be available to download free of charge under a Creative Commons License, and will be similar in format to the Cultural Anthropology book Perspectives (available at We are seeking volunteer (not paid) authors, reviewers, and editors with expertise in the content area willing to write to an audience of introductory level...

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Putting a toe into the field

Laurie Occhipinti Mount Wachusett Community College Fieldwork is the essential core of anthropology – asking questions, examining cultural understandings, entering into dialogues with people in the communities we study. It is our rite of passage and our standard for ethnographic research. At the same time, engaging in research is an essential tool for student learning, a way for students to both use and develop important skills and concepts, to learn and to apply what they are learning to new problems and questions. Knowing all of this, it can still seem daunting to have students – real students, undergraduates with...

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Teaching marriage and agency with Woman’s Kingdom film

Katie Nelson Inver Hills Community College I regularly use the PBS/Frontline film Woman’s Kingdom in my classes to introduce material on marriage, family and kinship. The film presents the matrilineal ethnic minority of China the Mosou, focusing on the practice of “walking marriage” and their matrilocal family structure. The film also highlights the pressures that are affecting change among the Mosou including environmental degradation, tourism, and the penetration of the cultural values of the Chinese Han majority. I have also used the film to highlight the theme of human agency. Near the end of the full-length version of the...

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